AT&T SportsNet Channel Listings

AT&T SportsNet Channel Listings

Throughout the year, seasons can overlap, causing some games take place at the same time. When this happens, we will broadcast one of the games on our SW2 Alternate Channel:

Affiliate PRIMARY SW2
DirecTV 674 674-1
AT&T Uverse 758 and 1758 HD 697 and 1697 HD
Xfinity 39 and 639 HD 710
Consolidated Communications 113 114
btel 31 HD 331
Astound (formerly known as EnTouch) 73 and 473 HD 82 and 482 HD
Phonoscope 624 625
I-Net 98 99
MidSouth Fiber 113 114
Rural Telcom TBD TBD
fuboTV Available Available
DIRECTV Stream Available Available

For additional information, visit our Alternate Channel FAQs.

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Upcoming SW2 Schedule


Date Day Team Opponent Pregame Channel
18-May Wednesday Astros at Red Sox 4:30 PM Primary
18-May Wednesday Dynamo vs Seattle 7:00 PM SW2
22-May Sunday Astros vs Rangers 12:30 PM Primary
22-May Sunday Dynamo at LA 6:30 PM SW2
22-May Sunday SaberCats at Old Glory DC 8:00 PM Primary
28-May Saturday Astros at Mariners 8:30 PM Primary
28-May Saturday Dynamo at RSL 8:00 PM SW2
3-Jun Friday Astros at Royals 6:30 PM Primary
3-Jun Friday SaberCats vs Austin 8:00 PM SW2
18-Jun Saturday Astros vs White Sox 2:30 PM Primary
18-Jun Saturday Dynamo at Orlando 6:00 PM SW2
29-Jun Wednesday Astros at Mets 11:30 AM Primary
29-Jun Wednesday Dynamo at Portland 9:00 PM SW2
9-Jun Saturday Astros at Athletics 2:30 PM Primary
9-Jun Saturday Dynamo vs Dallas 7:00 PM SW2
23-Jul Saturday Astros at Mariners 2:30 PM Primary
23-Jul Saturday Dynamo vs Minnesota 7:00 PM SW2
30-Jul Saturday Astros vs Mariners 5:30 PM Primary
30-Jul Saturday Dynamo at Philadelphia 6:00 PM SW2
5-Aug Friday Astros at Guardians 5:30 PM Primary
5-Aug Friday Dynamo at Vancouver 9:00 PM SW2
13-Aug Saturday Astros vs Athletics 5:30 PM Primary
13-Aug Saturday Dynamo vs Montreal 7:30 PM SW2
31-Aug Wednesday Astros at Rangers 12:30 PM Primary
31-Aug Wednesday Dynamo vs LAFC 6:00 PM SW2
13-Sep Tuesday Astros at Tigers 5:00 PM Primary
13-Sep Tuesday Dynamo vs New England 7:00 PM SW2
2-Oct Sunday Astros vs Rays 12:30 PM Primary
2-Oct Sunday Dynamo vs LA 7:00 PM SW2