Alternate Channel FAQ

AT&T SportsNet Alternate Channel – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the AT&T SportsNet channel on TV?

Use the AT&T SportsNet Channel Finder  Click Here

You may also be able to stream Astros and Rockets games if you subscribe to a TV package that includes AT&T SportsNet and your TV provider offers TV Everywhere streaming access.   Click to Find Out How!


Where can I find the AT&T SportsNet Alternate channel on TV?

Alternate channel may or may not be adjacent to AT&T Sports Net in your channel guide.
CLICK HERE, or call your cable provider.


What is the difference between AT&T SportsNet and AT&T SportsNet Alternate Channel?

AT&T SportsNet is a live 24-hour television network.

AT&T SportsNet Alternate is an additional (overflow) television channel for televising live games scheduled to occur at the same time as other live games on the AT&T SportsNet main channel.  For instance, an Astros game may appear on the alternate channel while a Rockets game is being televised on the main channel.


What will appear on the alternate channel when there are no scheduling conflicts between live games to be televised by AT&T SportsNet?

AT&T SportsNet’s main channel programming will appear (be duplicated) on the alternate channel when there are no scheduling conflicts, or overflow games.


Why is my provider not offering the Alternate channel?

Contact your provider for more information.


My cable provider does not carry AT&T SportsNet Alternate channel or TV Everywhere, what can I do?

You may want to contact your TV provider to let them know you would like them to carry the Alternate channel and make available TV Everywhere and ask if they have plans to do so.


My cable or satellite provider does not carry AT&T SportsNet Alternate channel, what can I do?

If your TV provider offers TV Everywhere streaming, you can watch Astros and Rockets games via the AT&T Sports Net mobile app or web platform.


How are the games selected to be on the primary or alternate channel?

AT&T SportsNet’s rights agreements provide for us to alternate games (e.g., first an Astros game, then a Rockets game, and then back to an Astros game, etc.) on the Alternate channel when the teams’ games coincide or overlap, except in the case of playoff games which have priority and will always be on the primary channel.


Why is my provider only offering the Alternate channel in SD?

Many factors can determine a provider’s decision to carry the alternate channel only in SD, including bandwidth limitations and other technical considerations.

Is there an additional cost?

There is no additional cost as long as you are a valid paid cable or satellite customer who subscribes to a video package that includes AT&T SportsNet.

Can I stream AT&T SportsNet?

If you are an AT&T SportsNet subscriber through a participating authorized television provider and live in an area where you can watch the game on TV at home, you will also be able to stream through our AT&T SportsNet mobile apps and web platform when located within the team’s regional television territory. Games will be available to those viewers who subscribe to a cable, telco, or satellite pay TV provider that carries AT&T SportsNet and has agreed to allow their customers access to the streaming service. While we are trying to get more TV providers to authenticate to our streaming platform, if you are not able to stream our games, please contact your TV provider directly and ask that they provide you access to stream your favorite home team on AT&T SportsNet.

Is AT&T SportsNet available without being a paid cable, telco or satellite customer?

No, the only way to access digital streaming of AT&T SportsNet is to have a valid pay television subscription that contains AT&T SportsNet and whose provider has agreed to allow their customers access to the streaming service.

My TV provider does carry AT&T SportsNet, but I do not see them on the streaming provider list, what can I do?

Some TV providers have not yet accepted our offer of TV Everywhere streaming on the AT&T SportsNet mobile app and web platform.  You may want to contact your cable, telco or satellite provider and request that they allow you access to stream AT&T SportsNet.

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