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AT&T SportNet APP -Frequently Asked Questions


How can I stream MLB games?
AT&T SportsNet is offering video providers the ability to deliver live MLB games on a streaming basis. The games will be available to those viewers who are a subscriber to a cable or satellite company which carries AT&T SportsNet. The games can be made available to stream from those providers’ platforms (web and app) who make available the games for streaming. For now, games are only available on and the MLB At Bat app to customers whose provider agrees to allow MLB to authenticate the viewer as a subscriber of AT&T SportsNet. AT&T SportsNet also anticipates developing an app where games will be available for viewing, as well as on our website. To stream the games, you will need to be an authenticated pay TV subscriber of AT&T SportsNet.

Where do I go to see the games?
As always, you can see the games on your TV provider’s AT&T SportsNet channel. This offering will allow you to also see our broadcasts on the digital platforms of your provider, i.e., their website and app, the AT&T SportsNet web and app (once available) and and MLB At Bat. At this moment, the only platforms capable of delivering the stream to customers are and MLB At Bat. However, we anticipate having a AT&T SportsNet app in the very near future.

Is there an additional cost?
There is no additional cost as long as you are a valid video subscriber who subscribes to a video package that contains AT&T SportsNet. Data charges may apply for mobile app viewing. Please check with your provider.

Is AT&T SportsNet available without video subscription?
No, the only way to access digital streaming of AT&T SportsNet is to have a valid pay television subscription that contains AT&T SportsNet.

If my video provider does not carry AT&T SportsNet will I now be able to watch the Astros games by streaming them on or MLB At Bat?
No, the only way to stream the games on either platform in the local broadcast market is to have a valid pay television subscription that contains AT&T SportsNet.

Do I need an MLB.TV or At Bat paid subscription if I already have AT&T SportsNet as part of my cable/satellite package?
No, you will use your current video subscriber login to authenticate to watch games within the local broadcast market.

What other programming can I stream?
At this time, the only programming available for streaming are the live Major League Baseball games.

Can I stream NBA games?
Yes, please see App FAQ.

How do I authenticate my video provider account?
You will choose your provider from the available options, and log in with your video subscriber login to be authenticated.

What providers are participating and can be authenticated?
At this time, DIRECTV, Consolidated Communications, AT&T U-Verse and Windstream Kinetic. Please visit to find out if your provider has made live Astros games available for online streaming.

What happens if my provider is not listed?
If your provider is not listed, they either do not carry AT&T SportsNet, or they are not making available the streaming rights. Please contact your provider to let them know you would like to receive this service.

I forgot my username and password. What do I do?
You will need to follow directions on your video provider’s site to recover your username and/or password.

What if I travel out of town; can I still stream the games?
Not at this time.

Will I get to see re-airs, pre, post, magazine shows? At Bat will not stream pre-, post- or magazine shows, however, when available, the AT&T SportsNet app and affiliate platforms will allow for pre- and post-show streaming. We also anticipate having other programming available for streaming in the near future.

Is there a way to stop, pause and or record the live games? Bat does allow you to stop or pause the live game as part of this service. Such features will vary between providers.

What are the technical requirements and what devices will work?
You will be able to watch from both PC and Mac platforms. Additionally, you will be able to watch on both Apple and Android devices. To watch games on any of these platforms, you will need to authenticate with your pay TV subscription credentials with a valid subscription to AT&T SportsNet.

If I am having technical problems with my PC, Mac or mobile device who do I call?
Please call MLB Customer Support at 866-800-1275.


How can I get AT&T SportsNet in HD from my cable or satellite provider?
Please contact your cable or satellite provider directly and let them know you’d like to receive AT&T SportsNet in HD. They can advise you on availability, as well as, package and equipment requirements.

Audio or Picture Issues:
If you have an audio or picture issues, determine if this issue is present on other channels or only AT&T SPORTSNET. If present on other channels, please contact your cable or satellite provider. If it is only on AT&T SPORTSNET, please contact us and we will respond during regular business hours.


How can I get Houston Astros and Houston Rockets live game broadcasts outside of AT&T SportsNet broadcast territory?
If you are outside of Houston’s regional television territory, Astros and Rockets games will be blacked out on AT&T SportsNet. Our distribution rights are only within the Astros and Rockets regional television territory.  Team territories are dictated by the leagues, not by regional sports networks.  Each of the professional leagues set defined areas for each team, with some counties exclusive to that team and some counties shared with other teams.  DIRECTV, DISH Network and digital cable providers offer special out-of-market packages: the MLB Extra Innings package, the NBA League Pass package.  These season-long packages include most of the games that are telecast on AT&T SportsNet.  Please note some games may still be subject to blackouts.  For more information, contact your television service provider.

I live in the AT&T SportsNet network territory and my television provider doesn’t offer AT&T SportsNet. What can I do?
Call, email or utilize your provider’s Facebook and other online communities to let them know you want AT&T SportsNet added to your channel line-up.

Can I purchase AT&T SportsNet programming?
AT&T SportsNet programming is not available for purchase.

I produced a sports show. How can I get my show on your network?
To have your show considered for telecast, please contact our Programming department at

Programming Issues:
If you have additional questions regarding programming, blackouts, or content issues, please contact your cable or satellite provider. If your issue cannot be resolved by your provider, please fill out a website ticket and we will respond during regular business hours.


How can I advertise on AT&T SportsNet?
For advertising information or questions, please contact our Sales department at


Is AT&T SportsNet currently hiring?
For a list of open positions, please check our careers website. You can apply directly via this site.