Ultimate Rockets Fan


We are looking each month for the biggest hoops fan in the Southwest! Tell us why you are the Ultimate Rockets Fan and you could win a personalized jersey and a trip to see the Rockets LIVE!

Submit your entries and photos on Twitter to @ATTSportsNetSW using the hashtags for your region, listed below.

One winner each month will receive a personalized jersey, prize pack and be entered to win the GRAND PRIZE!

The Grand Prize winner will win a trip to Houston in March to see the Rockets LIVE!

Submissions for each region will only be accepted during their scheduled month.


November – North Texas – #UltimateRocketsFanNTX

December – Arkansas – #UltimateRocketsFanARK

January – Louisiana – #UltimateRocketsFanLA

February – South Texas – #UltimateRocketsFanSTX



Click Here for the Official Ultimate Rockets Fan Rules